Tapping into the Senses of Design

Anyone who knows me understands that I am all about the ambiance.  I love to have music playing in the background – really at any time of day – a candle burning and a couple lamps on.  If I walk into a shop or restaurant and hate the vibe of the place I don’t want to stay.  There’s something to say of a space with just the right lighting, a perfect scent and nice music playing. 


Similarly, design is more than just a pretty throw pillow or a great vintage rug.  Yes, these things absolutely matter, but good design encompasses the feeling you have when you are in a space.  Think about that experience of walking into a luxury hotel.  Yes, the lush fabrics and cool lighting are attention grabbing and necessary.  However, there’s a scent that encircles you and soft, trendy background music is playing.  Maybe the lights are dimmed in the evening creating cozy corners in the lobby for conversation.  All of these things impact the overall aesthetic of the space.  The same is true for your home. 


Whether you are cooking dinner for your family, relaxing after a long day, or entertaining friends, you can create a warm and cozy space with a beautiful candle and a great playlist.  I personally love creating playlists for seasons.  They set the mood and vibe for that particular time of year – cool and upbeat for spring and summer or a little moodier for autumn and winter (of course there’s always a mix in there).  Pick up some of our favorite candles in our shop or check out my personally curated Spotify playlists.  Don't forget fresh flowers!



Here's to creating warm, inviting spaces that are meant to be lived in and enjoyed.